[Ontbirds] Lots of shorebirds at West Perth Wetlands

Dave Brown thebrowns at ezlink.ca
Tue Jul 24 00:04:33 EDT 2018

Hey folks,

I was out to do my Ontario Shorebird Survey today at the West Perth Wetlands and had some really nice birds of 10 different species including (check out my eBird checklist at the link below with some pics of a few of the shorebirds … though some aren’t the best lol)

https://ebird.org/canada/view/checklist/S47415176 <https://ebird.org/canada/view/checklist/S47415176>

SB Dowitchers (20) - likely same birds I had yesterday evening and all actively feeding and preening in the cell behind the processing plant in the NE corner of the wetland complex. 

Stilt Sandpipers (2) - a couple of REALLY nice looking birds still mostly in breeding plumage with heavy markings and chestnut still showing in the face.

Solitary Sandpipers (16) - Seen either in the fenced in cell as you are walking to the east along the initial berm from the parking lot… or mostly in the cell behind the processing plant.

Spotted Sandpipers (5) - Not as many of this species as last week but still some nice looks… and most of these birds were “spotted” in the fenced in cell.

Least Sandpipers (53) - These little guys were all over the place mostly in the cell behind the processing plant with a few in the cell behind the parking lot and also in the fenced in cell.

Semipalmated Sandpipers (38) - Also mostly in the cell behind the processing plant and the majority were actually VERY close to the edge right along the berm in the SE corner of the cell behind the processing plant … just keep walking to the east.

Pectoral Sandpipers (3) - A couple of these birds were out in the middle with the SB Dowitchers and one was in the corner with the Semipalmated Sandpipers.

Wilson’s Snipe (1) - A great bird in the fenced in cell as you get to the fence just looking to the left along the edge right behind the sewage treatment plant. Interestingly, he had a dinner partner … a turtle.

Killdeer (11) - Far fewer of this species this week and found in all cells.

Lesser Yellowlegs (85) - I tried to count every single one of them but it’s a good bet I missed a few tucked away in a corner somewhere.  However, the majority of these birds were in the cell behind the processing plant with others spread around the other cells.

I also had many other passerines including one of the Eastern Meadowlarks again singing along the edge of one of the soccer fields and lots of swallows as well as Cedar Waxwings hawking bugs over the cells.

Good birding!


Directions to West Perth Wetlands (Mitchell):

>From the East (Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, GTA) - take Hwy 8 thru
Stratford heading west to first lights in Mitchell (Wellington St) and
turn left (south) and continue till you hit the "T" intersection at the
ball diamond.  Wetland cells are straight back behind the ball diamond
and soccer fields and the sewage treatment plant.

>From the London area....take Hwy 23 into Mitchell from the south and
just after you pass the "Welcome to Mitchell" sign...watch for Frank
St...go right on Frank St and head down over the bridge till you get to
the ball diamond (will be on your right).  Again...the cells are behind
the ball diamond and soccer fields.

>From Southampton area....take Hwy 21, to Goderich and then Hwy 8 to
Clinton and down to Mitchell, turn south on Hwy 23 to Frank St. and turn
left on Frank St. and head over the bridge to the ball diamonds (which
will be on your right). Walk down the side of the soccer fields to the
cells behind.

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