[Ontbirds] Sandbanks Park: American Avocets

Jon Ruddy accipitriformes at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 13:40:50 EDT 2018

While swimming at Outlet beach, quite close to outlet river, two American
Avocets flew literally right over us! They were flying NW and seeking shore
to land on. The beach is packed with swimmers, so they couldn’t land. After
a while, I lost sight of them (was in the water, using my naked eye to
track them.) I walked approx to the half way point and could see with my
bins that a large group of gulls were roosting just past the NW barrier of
the Provincial Park beach. Heading there now to see if they’ve landed with
the gulls.

Jon Ruddy
Eastern Ontario Birding
Cell: 1-613-558-6821

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