[Ontbirds] Little Blue Heron - Harrington - Still Present

Dave Brown thebrowns at ezlink.ca
Tue Aug 14 15:40:44 EDT 2018

Hey folks,

The Little Blue Heron was still present this morning at 11:00 am at the same location in the containment pond just by Harrington.

I spotted it quite a ways out to the south…. wading right beside a Great Blue Heron so I got to see a nice comparison between the two. It was actively feeding tilting its head side to side then stabbing down for a quick meal.

It then flew northward towards the containment berm and landed on a stump about 200 ft out and started preening giving some great looks.

If you go out looking for it good luck and good birding!


Directions:  From hyw. 401 turn north on Oxford County Rd. # 6 towards Stratford.  About halfway between Embro and Stratford, turn West onto Oxford Rd 28. You will then pass through the small community of Herrington. Just through the community turn right onto 31st Line.  Travel exactly 1 kl north.  On the east side of the road there is a berm dividing the lake from a containment pond.  The Little Blue Heron is actively feeding in the containment pond along with Great Egrets, shorebirds and other waterfowl.  A scope would come in handy as it is fairly distant at times.

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