[Ontbirds] Lark Sparrow - Prince Edward County ( PEPtBO )

Tom Wheatley wheatleytom at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 16 18:22:30 EDT 2018

Apologies for the late post.

Lark Sparrow at Prince Edward point bird observatory today.

Initially flushed like drab Towhee at dawn, showing white tail sides, but had grey rump and streaks on uppersides. Face pattern diagnostic.  Seen hopping under bobolink nets at 615 am, then photos about 630am in nearby shrub with smaller CHSP.

Photos on eBird checklist:


Directions:. When viewed from Google maps, Prince Edward County lies in Lake Ontario like a discarded dirty diaper in a brackish blue bathtub.  In the middle of that diaper is Picton. Drive South on Cty Rd 10 , then south again on Cty Rd 13 all the way to #6056.

Park at Bird observatory Flag pole, then walk north on road for 40 paces, then face west and enter Pedestrian Walkway.

No playback used. Possibly still gettable and nettable.

NOT relocated at 11am.

Tom Wheatley

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