[Ontbirds] Purple Gallinule - Kingsville, Essex County

Jeremy Bensette jeremy_bensette at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 18 13:39:15 EDT 2018

Early this morning Brad Ouellette found a Purple Gallinule at John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area, and after some time searching we have just refound it!! It is currently resting out of sight around a bend in stream that flows in toward County Rd 50 at the east edge of this conservation area but has walked in and out of sight a few times.

Location: John R Park Homestead can be found by searching Google Maps, and is on County Rd 50 between Kingsville and Harrow in Essex County. If you park in the gravel parking lot up against a flower garden, walk to County Rd 50 and turn right. There is a bridge over the road, and the bird is less than 100m south of Rd 50 (toward the lake). Viewing is difficult and will require patience. The bird was resting for a while out of sight, then came back into view and foraged before flying across the creek, where it was still viewable but tricky. Hopefully that makes enough sense! The approximate GPS coordinate of the bird is (41.9966, -82.8485), which is in the middle of a small marsh. Do not plan to walk to this exact coordinate - it is where the bird last was and a good direction to look from the road.

Sorry if this has already been posted. My phone isn't working well with emails lately.

Good luck and super awesome good birding!


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