[Ontbirds] Sabines Gulls - Van Wagner’s Beach

David Pryor stg1 at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 12 10:33:53 EDT 2018

I just had a pair of Sabine’s Gulls not overly far offshore while scoping offshore along the Beach Strip just north of the Lakeland Centre at Van Wagner’s Beach in Hamilton.

Undoubtedly the same pair I picked out about an hour ago from Lakeland but couldn’t be 100% certain on, due to distance, haze and heat shimmer.

No jaegers yet this morn; the only other activity other than gulls and cormorants have been a couple of dozen Bonaparte’s Gulls flying around offshore and about the same number of Sanderling foraging along the Beach Strip near where the rescue boat is parked. 

On my way back to Lakeland now; visibility still isn’t great and winds are currently light although both are forecast to increase as the day wears on. 

David Pryor

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