[Ontbirds] Ottawa/ Gatineau: recent sightings to September 23, 2018

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Thu Sep 13 17:51:26 EDT 2018

Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club
Ottawa/Gatineau (50 Km radius from Parliament Hill) E. Ontario, W. Quebec
Compiler:  Gregory Zbitnew at sightings at ofnc.ca

September 13, 2018

The highlight of the week was a CANVASBACK found in Baie Noire on the 10th
but not relocated.

There was a big change in the weather this week, with the coolest
temperatures of the season but only modest amounts of rainfall.  Warmth
returned on the 12th. There were noticeable shifts in the bird population,
primarily a slight rise in WATERBIRDS, an increase of SPARROWS, and a
decrease of FLYCATCHERS.  WARBLERS have been steady, but the mix is
changing.  SHOREBIRDS have not been particularly plentiful.

We are in the very early stages of WATERFOWL migration. About 15 LESSER
SCAUP were at Shirley’s Bay on the 12th, the tiny beginning of the huge
fall rafts. Baie Noire had about 150 AMERICAN WIGEON and a few LESSER
SCAUP, also the beginning of the fall build up. A few of the more notable
early sightings included:

1.      A SNOW GOOSE in Dunrobin on the 9th.

2.      2 REDHEAD at Shirley’s Bay on the 8th.

3.      2 GREATER SCAUP at Dick Bell Park on the 7th.

4.      A WHITE-WINGED SCOTER at Shirley’s bay on the 7th, and 2 were there
on the 8th.

5.      2 RED-NECKED GREBES also at Shirley’s Bay on the 7th. Another was
at Britannia on the 11-12th.

SHOREBIRDS have been problematic this week. The main problem was continued
high water levels on the Ottawa River. Shirley’s Bay has been quite poor,
with no habitat on the 12th.  Embrun has been the best but there have not
been a lot of birds.  There were 30 birds of 8 species there  on the 9th,
including  a RUDDY TURNSTONE and 4 BAIRD’S SANDPIPERS. 6 species were there
on the 11th including a SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER. Emerald meadows had a STILT
SANDPIPER on the 10-12th, with about 20 birds of up to 6 other species
there as well. 2 Birds of 2 common species were at Almonte on the 12th, and
a RED-NECKED PHALAROPE was on Nolan Road on the 12th.

Among the FLYCATCHERS, there was an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER at Bell Arena on
the 11th, and another was at Petrie Island on the 12th. An EASTERN KINGBIRD
in Kanata on the 13th is getting late. There are still some sizeable
SWALLOW flocks where there are insect concentrations, most notably there
were 200 TREE SWALLOWS in Russell on the 12th.  2 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS were at
Britannia on the 12th.

A RED-SHOULDERED HAWK was at Chelsea on the 9th, and one was at Shirley’s
bay on the same day.  3 GRAY PARTRIDGE were in Goulbourn on the 8th.

A  YELLOW-THROATED VIREO was at Britannia on the 7th.  A CAROLINA WREN at
Lac McGregor on the 11th, and another was at Britannia on the 13th. Both
PHILADELPHIA and BLUE-HEADED VIREOS are becoming more common.

WARBLER supply has been good. Still 10-15 species can be expected in the
better migrant traps. A few species, like NORTHERN PARULA, PALM and
BLACKPOLL WARBLERS, were more common this week. 24 were seen in the region,
including an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER at Britannia on the 12th.

Finally, a few signs of fall:

1.      The first RUSTY BLACKBIRD of the season was at Shirley’s bay on the

2.      14 PINE SISKINS were at Lac McGregor on the 11th.

3.      An EVENING GROSBEAK was at Chelsea on the 9th.

Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations. We encourage everyone
to report their bird sightings on eBird for the benefit of the entire
birding community.

*Reminder regarding access to the Shirley’s Bay Causeway:*

DND has amended our access procedure. You must call Range Control
(613-991-5740) for permission, state that you are an OFNC member and give
your name. Finally, you must call again when you have left the area.  DND
would also like to be informed if you see anyone on the property who should
not be there, such as boats in the bay or people fishing on the causeway.
They are trespassing and DND will deal with the situation.

The OFNC has provided DND with a list of OFNC members who HAVE SPECIFICALLY
REQUESTED access. DND will check, so make sure that your membership is up
to date and that you have requested that the OFNC put you on the access
list.  This list was updated recently.  To get on the next access list,
please contact membership at ofnc.ca.

Good birding.

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