[Ontbirds] kiskadee @ Rondeau YES 6.33 pm

RIC MCARTHUR ricmcarthur at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 18:42:13 EDT 2018

The bird has been refound in the same general area it has been all
It is about 100 meters away and 2 meters above the water.

The Wardens caught up to the boaters.
Turns out it wasn't a call. They reversed their small outboard to clear
weeds from the propeller. The high revs spooked the kiskadee.
The Warden was satisfied with the fresh caught fish and the explanation.
Steve Charbonneau also spoke to the 2 fisherman and believes it was an
unintentional disturbance of the bird.

Go through the red gate at the start of the Marsh Trail, and walk directly
 west to the bay (30m from the gate). Step over/around the dilapidated dock,
 onto the mud and look to the right (north) low along the shoreline.  It
 spends a lot of time hunting from the roots of fallen trees, often within 2
 to 3 feet from the ground.

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