[Ontbirds] Rondeau Great kiskadee NO Saturday after early morning

Steve Charbonneau steve.charbonneau60 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 19:15:32 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,
The Rondeau Great Kiskadee emerged from its roost tree on schedule this
morning at 7:15 (three minutes before yesterday's time).  The past 3 or 4
nights, it has roosted in a large walnut tree just north of the dilapidated
dock at the entrance of the Marsh Trail......directly behind the building.
It called three times this morning and proceeded to feed along the
shoreline just north of the Marsh Trail entrance much to the delight of
about 15 early birders.  It used its usual low perches and went about its
daily routine of hunting for dragonflies and frogs.  Just like yesterday,
it disappeared into the roots and bushes around 8:00.  UNLIKE yesterday,
however, it wasn't seen again, unless someone can correct me on this.  And
I would love to be corrected.  Many of us checked all of its usual hangouts
carefully this morning and this afternoon but there was no sign of the
bird.  Hopefully, it took advantage of the nice warm weather and went on a
bit of a short vacation today.  I know that there will be people looking
tomorrow and I'll do the same on Monday.  It is worthwhile to check that
shoreline and the edges of the first 400m south of the Marsh Trail entrance
if you are coming.  Listen for its calls (it gives the "weeeeee" call most
of the time, not the "kiskadee call")......they're loud and diagnostic.
Good luck.

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