[Ontbirds] Calliope Hummingbird - Update - November 22 - present and doing well

Glenn Coady glenn_coady at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 22 09:49:37 EST 2018

Ontbirds subscribers,

As Cheryl has posted, the Calliope Hummingbird has survived the coldest night of the fall so far at - 20C, and despite the feeders partially freezing overnight even with the heaters, it is doing quite well this morning. The feeders have been thawed out and set up again and the bird is actively feeding. With a five day forecast for warmer daytime and nighttime temperatures ahead it looks like it will have an opportunity to continue to build its fat stores to hopefully enable an escape to the south.

My thanks to all who have visited so far, who have followed the rules intently, and have helped make this a very positive experience for everyone who has travelled from near and far to see the bird. No one I know of has left disappointed. For those still hoping to make the trip, best of luck with seeing this very tough little bird.

Glenn Coady

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