[Ontbirds] Least Bittern at Columbia Lake, Waterloo

B. Naday bax.birdnird at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 17:49:15 EST 2018

Today at about 2:30 pm, I was very surprised to find a Least Bittern
standing at the edge of the ice, at an almost entirely frozen Columbia
Lake, just north of the main campus of the University of Waterloo. It seems
to be in good health, I saw it catch a fish and fly between two patches of
reeds a couple of times on the north shore of the lake, near a pair of rock
dikes. I saw it last in the same area just after 4 pm, with a couple of
other people. It will be warmer tomorrow and it might stick around. I'd
suggest parking at the lot where the silo is, at the end of Frank Tompa Dr,
off Hagey Blvd.

- Baxter Naday

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