[Ontbirds] Calliope Hummingbird in Goderich - Review of the rules for visitation for this weekend

Glenn Coady glenn_coady at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 18:34:30 EST 2018

Ontbirds subscribers,

The Calliope Hummingbird in Goderich is still present and at roost in the backyard as I write this. Hundreds of observers have now seen the bird, photographed it, renewed old acquaintances among the crowds, and it has been a very positive experience for all concerned thus far. Let us keep it that way for the two last remaining viewing days this weekend.

Today I received word that a few attendees to see this bird were not in compliance with the rules for visitation and brought tripods into the viewing area. I realize that some people at this point may have heard about this bird solely by word of mouth and did not review the rules. That excuse will not cut it as we enter what is anticipated to be very heavy and crowded visitation by those who were working all week and had no opportunity to visit before tomorrow. Please don't ruin things for others due to such carelessness on Saturday and Sunday.

So that everyone understands the agreed to rules of visitation I will repeat them before the last two days. If you cannot follow these simple and very practical rules, by all means, feel free to stay home and wait for the next Calliope Hummingbird.

Here, then, again, are the conditions for the final two days of the limited viewing period:

1) Access to the backyard viewing area will be permitted only for the dates November 20 - 25, 2018 inclusive.

2) Birders are welcome only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on any of those six days.

3) Due to the costs of electricity for heat lamps being provided for the bird as long as it can endure, as well as anticipated costs to replace grass areas in the backyard due to the high volume of foot traffic of visitors, a $3.00 donation per person is being requested from those who attend. I believe this to be a completely reasonable request.

4) There will be a well roped-off area in the backyard and no one is permitted to go beyond that rope for ANY purpose.

5) In order to prevent congestion in a tight area of this home's yard, no scopes or tripods will be permitted into the viewing area. [See:  Do not ruin things for everyone else]

6) Parking on this narrow street is limited. DO NOT, under any circumstances, park on both sides of the street and obstruct traffic flow, particularly for large emergency vehicles like fire trucks. Some may find it better to park up in some of the commercial parking spaces in the lots of restaurants along Highway 8 within a couple of blocks of the site and walk in toward the house. We have also obtained permission from the nearby Suncoast Mall at 397 Bayfield Road for those who visit to park in their parking lots and walk the short distance to the house.

7) Please ensure that there is NO SMOKING permitted on this private property and please do not discard any cigarette butts anywhere on this street as an aggravation to the local community.

I hope to be present for part of the day tomorrow (in the rain) and look forward to greeting many of you there.

Drive safely and best of luck with your viewing experience of this remarkable little bird.

Glenn Coady


glenn_coady at hotmail.com

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