[Ontbirds] Minden CBC results....

Ed and Barb ed.barb at sympatico.ca
Sun Dec 16 14:53:09 EST 2018

Hello birders,


The 52nd Minden CBC was held yesterday in lovely, warm conditions. 25 field
participants found a total of 44 species.  Cone crops were generally poor.
Although data is still trickling in from feeder watchers, highlights


Long-eared Owl - 1 (new to count)

Golden Eagle - 1 (4th record)

Red-bellied Woodpecker - 1 (2nd record)

Ring-necked Duck - 1 (5th record)

Red-necked Grebe - 1 (5th record)


Count Highs:

Barred Owl - 4 (so far)


Notable Low Counts:

Bald Eagle - 1 (14 in 2017)

Dark-eyed Junco - 6 (345 last year!)

Snow Bunting - 1

American Goldfinch - 3


Notable Misses:

Canada Jay - sadly, not recorded in the last 2 counts.

Golden-crowned Kinglet  - cleared out in the fall

Bohemian Waxwing - they're here but were missed

Northern Cardinal (might still show up on a feeder watchers list)

Purple Finch - not really a surprise.many cleared out in the fall, as


The finch story was interesting.  Many still seem to be moving through.
Small finches were generally scarce.  It was nice to see some decent numbers
of grosbeaks, both Pine and Evening.  


Pine Grosbeak - 31

Evening Grosbeak - 301

Pine Siskin - missed by field teams but recorded by a feeder watcher.no
number yet

American Goldfinch - 3

Common Redpoll - 21

Red Crossbill - 1


Thanks so much to all the participants.  Good luck to everyone with their
upcoming counts.




Ed Poropat


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