[Ontbirds] Greater White-Fronted Goose - Royal Military College, Kingston

Anthony Kaduck kaduckintransit at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 16 15:31:00 EST 2018

A single bird was spotted by Kevin Bleeks this morning, and re-found at
14:30. The bird is with a large group of Canada Geese on the grounds of the
Royal Military College.

To gain access to RMC grounds you will be asked to show photo ID. State
that you are there to look for birds.

Please note that photography is not permitted on the site. I strongly
suggest that you adhere to this rule. If you are caught breaking rules you
will find yourself dealing with the Military Police, who are not famous for
their sense of humour nor their willingness to overlook minor

Parking is scarce on the site during weekdays. The best bet would be to
park at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre on the North side of
Highway 2 and then walk across at the lights.

Good luck!

Anthony Kaduck

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