[Ontbirds] Red Phalarope at Blenheim Sewage Lagoons

Steve Charbonneau steve.charbonneau60 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 14:28:55 EST 2019

Hi Everyone,
I found a Red Phalarope in the Blenheim Sewage Lagoons this morning about
8:15. It was snowing heavily and I only got enough of a look to tell that
it was either a red or red-necked.  I went back around noon and was able to
get decent photos since it was only sleeting.  I will post photos on eBird
in the next hour. There is light snow again now but the roads around here
are just wet so far.  The bird appears to be a first winter bird that it
beginning to moult a bit into adult plumage. It spent most of its time
along the east edge of the second pond on the right.  There is a really
nice variety of other late, continuing shorebirds in the third pond on the
right including 2 long-billed dowitchers, 2 pectoral sandpipers, 1
white-rumped sandpiper, 1 least sandpiper, 3 greater yellowlegs and a bunch
of dunlin, killdeer and wilson's snipe.
Directions:  From Blenheim, Chatham-Kent, head SW on Hwy 3 (Talbot Trail)
for 2 km and turn right on Lagoon Road. The Lagoons are 1 km along on the
right.  A permit is required.

*Steve CharbonneauErie Beach in Chatham-Kent*

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