[Ontbirds] Potentially two Varied Thrushes and late report of Mountain Bluebird - Algoma District

Carter Dorscht carterdorscht at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 11 18:13:37 EST 2019

Hi all,

Late this afternoon, I was notified about a Varied Thrush sighting here in the Algoma District. When I arrived at the residence, I was talking to one of the homeowners and he said there were actually two of them present. He had photos of a male, but only a description of the second bird, which he thought was a female and his description was bang on for a female. Now that they are aware of the significance of two at once, they will attempt to get photos of both.

The bird(s) was visiting a feeder in Tarbutt Township, which is about 30 minutes east of Sault Ste. Marie. Should anyone be actually interested in looking for these birds themselves, message me directly, as the homeowners does not want their address broadcasted publicly. There will be viewing opportunities should they continue to come to the feeders. I did not see them while I was there today from about 4:15pm to 4:45pm.

Also, we had a Mountain Bluebird at the corner of Smith Road and Government Road, also in Tarbutt Township, from Nov 7th to 9th. It was going back and forth between the two houses there, often being seen from the road. It appears to have moved on, at least from this exact location, after no sightings the past two days. Many of you likely saw this reported elsewhere, but my apologies for forgetting to get it out to Ontbirds.

Carter Dorscht
Echo Bay, ON

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