[Ontbirds] Summer Tanager Thames Valley Golf Course, November 12

Peter Read psread11 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 10:36:00 EST 2019

Yesterday evening I got an eBird alert that a Summer Tanager was reported
"confirmed" from the Thames Valley Golf Course on November 12, yesterday.

Several people saw it but it was not posted to Ontbirds, so I thought I
would put it out, once I contacted folks and got the exact location.

It was located feeding on wasps and larva at a hornet's nest.


Here are the directions as related to me. I know at least one birder is out
checking today and I will repost once I hear from them.


"To find the hornet's nest, you will need to walk behind the Thames Valley
Golf Course club house, then walk in a straight line heading west, parallel
to the river.  The hornets/wasp's nest is @ 75 meters from club house
hanging on a deciduous tree. There is parking available in front of club
house. I am going to head back to the course in a few minutes so will get
exact GPS co-ordinates and email them to you asap. It is of note that the
hornet's nest is rapidly degrading and may fall apart completely in the next
few days"


The clubhouse is at 850 Sunninghill Ave, London.

Sunninghill Ave comes off of Riverside Drive. If coming from away, and using
the Wonderland Road exit from the 402. (402 comes off of the 401 just west
of Wellington Road London exit) continue south on Wonderland to the Thames
River and just past there is the left turn onto Riverside Drive. 


Hopefully the wasp supply will last for a little while.

We got some snow, so expect at least ankle deep snow on the golf course.

It was first noted by Tracey Baber but I have no details about the finding
of the bird, nor about Tracey.


Pete Read

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