[Ontbirds] Summer Tanager Thames Valley Golf Course London

Pete Read psread11 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 10:58:28 EST 2019

Last night I got an eBird alert about a Summer Tanager seen in London coming
to a wasp nest on the Thames Valley Golf Course.

I am posting on behalf of several folks who got there in time to see it, on
November 12.

Apparently it is not always in the vicinity of the wasp nest, and in fact
the nest may fall off as it is in bad repair.


I think the original finder was Tracey Baber but I don't know any other
details of the sighting nor anything about Tracey. 



There is at least one person out looking for the bird, and I will repost if
they get back to me.


These are the directions given me by one of those who saw it.


First...the golf course is located at 850 Sunninghill Ave. Sunninghill comes
off south of Riverside Drive in London. That road can be located if you are
coming from away, by travelling north on Wonderland Road, which has an exit
off of highway 402. Riverside will be a left turn just past the Thames
River. Here are further directions when you reach the golf course


"you will find the STAFF PARKING ... nobody is there, usually just one or 2
cars. That is the closest to the bird.


- From the parking where you leave your car, walk away from the parking,
straight on the snow, walking in the middle of the field, as you will see
the river on your left and a higher elevation on your right. You will be
walking between two rows of trees and bushes ... the bird will be on your
left  about 200 m, on a bush that is located between pine trees, with the
highest pine tree being next to the tree where the wasp nest is.   If you
are walking, keep looking to the left, as you will have a lot of space on
your left, between the tree and the tallest pine tree you find on your
left.. The nest is hanging high, in an open space (lots of space between
this tree and the 2 pine trees on each side. The nest swings sideways with
the wind.  So, the nest is facing the river, but you can see it from almost
all angles, if you locate the tree.


- if you look back from the nest, you will look over the STAFF parking and
staff house (a cottage like structure), and see buildings in the horizon."


As mentioned, I will post again if the bird is found again today.

Pete Read

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