[Ontbirds] Ottawa/ Gatineau: recent sightings to November 14, 2019

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Thu Nov 14 18:28:43 EST 2019

Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club
Ottawa/Gatineau (50 Km radius from Parliament Hill) E. Ontario, W. Quebec
Compiler:  Gregory Zbitnew at sightings at ofnc.ca

November 14, 2019

The bird of the week was a female TUFTED DUCK, found just east of the
Shirley’s Bay boat launch on the 14th, and seen by many observers so far.
This is the first sighting of this species in 7 years, in more or less the
same spot.  Next was a WHITE-EYED VIREO at Ferme Moore on the 10th but not
reported again.  In a distant 3rd place, there were 2 very late sightings:
a WOOD THRUSH was at Ferme Moore on the 13th, and a SCARLET TANAGER in
Brantwood Park on the 9-10th

Winter arrived on the 11th, with heavy snow and unspeakably early cold.
Unfortunately it is shaping up to be a repeat of last year’s early winter,
or worse. Thus any surviving lingering land birds will be headed to
feeders, and with ponds rapidly freezing up, the rivers are the places to

WATERBIRDS in general were here in good variety, with 23 species of DUCKS
seen, although the numbers are not large, and as usual Shirley’s Bay to
Britannia is the best area.  Expect big drops as everything ices up. On the
rivers, at least, ice currently restricted to the shore. The HARLEQUIN DUCK
continues near the Adawe Bridge as of the 13th and 2 RUDDY DUCKS were at
the Moodie Drive Ponds on the 11th.  A RED-THROATED LOON was at Shirley’s
Bay on the 14th, and an AMERICAN COOT was at Dow’s Lake on the 13th.

KILLDEER and GREATER YELLOWLEGS at Emerald Meadows on the 10th were the
last SHOREBIRDS reported.

A GOLDEN EAGLE was on Chemin Steele on the 9th. There have been a few
scattered sightings of ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.

An ICELAND GULL was at the Moodie Drive Ponds on the 11th, with 5 other
common species there from time to time.

Among the FINCHES, a WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL was in Gatineau on the 13th and
there have been a few scattered sightings of PINE SISKIN here and there.

A number of late/ lingering birds were of note:

·         FOX SPARROW in Richmond on the 13th.

·         EASTERN BLUEBIRD in Almonte on the 14th.

·         WINTER WRENS in Forêt Boucher on the 8th, Britannia on the 9th,
and one near Almonte on the 10th.

·         CAROLINA WREN in Britannia on the 9th.

·         RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET near Munster on the 14th

·         NORTHERN PA            RULA in Kanata on the 8th.

·         YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER in Brantwood Park on the 10th.

·         CHIPPING SPARROW on the 14th near Hawthorne and St. Laurent.

*Reminder regarding access to the Shirley’s Bay Causeway:*

DND has advised extra caution as the causeway is in rough shape.  They have
also requested that if any garbage can be removed it would be appreciated.

To access this site, you must be on the access list, and you must call
Range Control (613-991-5740) for permission, state that you are an OFNC
member and give your name. Finally, you must call again when you have left
the area.  DND would also like to be informed if you see anyone on the
property who should not be there, such as boats in the bay or people
fishing on the causeway. They are trespassing and DND will deal with the

The OFNC has provided DND with a list of OFNC members who HAVE SPECIFICALLY
REQUESTED access. DND will check, so make sure that your membership is up
to date and that you have requested that the OFNC put you on the access
list.  This list was sent to DND this spring and will be updated
occasionally.  To get on the next access list, please contact
membership at ofnc.ca.

Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations. We encourage everyone
to report their bird sightings on eBird for the benefit of the entire
birding community.

Good birding.

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