[Ontbirds] Ottawa: Tufted Duck

Martha Burchat mburchat11 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 09:34:15 EST 2019

At 8:36 am this morning, the Tufted Duck was still present in the Shirley's
Bay area of the Ottawa River in the west end of Ottawa, ON.  The duck was
seen well off the point east of the Shirley's Bay boat launch.
To get to the boat launch and other viewing areas (should the bird move
farther east), exit Carling Avenue to Rifle Road and head northerly to the
end of Rifle Road.  The point is visible from the boat launch.  Parking is
available in the area.  If the bird does move easterly and follow
yesterday's pattern, a viewing point could be off the NCC trail at the
turnabout at the end of Riverdown - a short drive from the boat launch.
>From the end of Riverdown, walk down the trail about a 100 m to  a small
spur  trail to the left which will take you to the river's edge.
Thanks Jon for the great find.

Martha Burchat

On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 2:57 PM Jon Ruddy via ONTBIRDS <
birdalert at ontbirds.ca> wrote:

> The female Tufted Duck continues at Shirleys Bay-east (as of the latest
> report, just after 2:00 PM). It is loosely associating with a raft of
> Common Goldeneyes. Birders are viewing the bird from a point-of-land along
> the shoreline about 150 meters east of the boat launch. Alternatively,
> birders are also viewing from Grandview Road, where it dead ends into a
> boat launch just after Hastings. Both sites are accessible via Carling
> Avenue.
> Good birding,
> Jon
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