[Ontbirds] Detroit River Hawk Watch (17 Nov 2019) 818 Raptors

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Sun Nov 17 19:12:31 EST 2019

Detroit River Hawk Watch
Brownstown, Michigan, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Nov 17, 2019

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture                0              0              0
Turkey Vulture             116           3960          52168
Osprey                       0              0             35
Bald Eagle                   1             15             93
Northern Harrier             6             71            336
Sharp-shinned Hawk          13            238           4095
Cooper's Hawk                4             31            114
Northern Goshawk             1              1              2
Red-shouldered Hawk        111            503            698
Broad-winged Hawk            0              0          64336
Swainson's Hawk              0              0              0
Red-tailed Hawk            554           3544           4402
Rough-legged Hawk            0             10             11
Golden Eagle                12             39             43
American Kestrel             0              4            702
Merlin                       0              1             32
Peregrine Falcon             0              6             52
Unknown Accipiter            0              0              0
Unknown Buteo                0              0              1
Unknown Falcon               0              0              0
Unknown Eagle                0              0              0
Unknown Raptor               0              0              0

Total:                     818           8423         127120

Observation start time: 09:00:00 
Observation end   time: 15:00:00 
Total observation time: 6.5 hours

Official Counter:        Kevin Georg

Observers:        Andrew Sturgess, Don Sherwood, Raburn Howland,
                  Rosemary Brady

Johannes and Jerry J. came by to see us today. Jerry was lucky to be there
when we had a little rush of golden eagles.

Transitional weather today, the NE winds and high barometer were gradually
replaced with changeable winds from the S or SE of variable strength as low
pressure moved in. The barometer dropped nearly two tenths through the day
and the sunny skies were replaced by clouds advancing on our position. As
the weather closed in the flight of raptors came to an abrupt halt.

Raptor Observations:
The buteos were still on the move in the morning hours. 554 red-tails and
111 red-shoulders were observed passing in small kettles in a manner
similar to yesterday's extraordinary day. Keeping them company were 116
turkey vultures. 13 sharp-shins and 4 Cooper's flew by and we had a goshawk
to complete the accipiter hat-trick. 6 Harriers rowed by. The eagles had
another big day with only 1 bald but 12 golden eagles. Hopefully we will
get more late movement as we are still behind last year's low number but
getting closer.

Non-raptor Observations:
We saw 9 sandhill cranes flying by today. A tree swallow perched close by
on a bench just to show they are not ready to leave yet. Bonaparte's gulls
are still working the lake nearby. Plenty of large gulls were seen blocking
the view.

Hmmm, light NE winds look good but the barometer will continue to fall,
although not by much. Winds will change during the day to a more easterly
direction. Hoping that the last two day's trend will continue as there does
seem to be a large, late movement of buteos and eagles. Should be a mix of
sun and cloud tomorrow during the watch hours helping us to track the
birds. Temps may see the forties again, woo-hoo!
Report submitted by Andrew Sturgess (ajyes72 at gmail.com)
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