[Ontbirds] Birds in the area, Gowganda On. Temiskaming Dist. hwy 11, 6 hours North of Toronto

ptrudel at ontera.net ptrudel at ontera.net
Fri Dec 20 22:10:32 EST 2019


I am enjoying the Bird reports ; seeing what is happening in your neck of
the woods, so thought I would let you know  how Ron's forecast for Winter
Finches is coming along here in the North.


Feeders in our area are seeing very little activity. The Finches are staying
for the most part, in the heart of the forest areas. Although on our DRIVE
ALONG Hwy 560 East this morning  we saw at the very least 1000 Pine Siskins
at the gravel within a 43 km stretch. The most I have seen in a long long
time.and only 3 pine Grosbeaks and a Spruce Grouse.


On Dec. 15th I took note of the species that came to the feeders and suet
that day..and they were: Evening Grosbeaks, Purple Finches, Blue Jays,
Black-Capped Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers, Grey jays ,
and  2 Dark -Eyed juncos.

I was hoping the Pine Siskins would show up ..but they didn't until the next


A lot of people are calling me and asking, "where are the birds" ?  I tell
them about Ron's forecast. They answer, 'WOW"!


Will cut this short, 

Merry Christmas All, 

Gert Trudel ,

Gowganda On, 

Hwy 560 west , via 65, via hwy 11 North.




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