[Ontbirds] OFO Call Notes: COVID-19, trip cancellations, and some good news

Lynne Freeman lynnef.to at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 17:47:30 EDT 2020

*April 3, 2020*

*More about birding and COVID-19*

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this difficult
time. Like all organizations, OFO is constantly monitoring the COVID-19
situation and has taken further decisions in response to the ongoing
crisis. We are doing what we can to flatten the curve.

*Until further notice, OFO does not endorse travelling for birding or
birding in groups of any size as per municipal, provincial, and federal

Rarities tend to attract crowds. If a rarity is reported, please think
twice about going to see the bird. Can you view it safely, distant from
others? We all know that it is difficult to maintain proper physical
distancing when observing birds at close quarters, so please be careful.

Despite these limitations, we can still enjoy the spring migration wherever
we are — in our backyards, from our balconies, or during our daily walks.
This is also an excellent time to brush up on our birding skills and
knowledge in preparation for the time — hopefully in the not too distant
future — when we can go birding once more.

*OFO Publications Available to all on ofo.ca <http://ofo.ca/>!*

Normally, only OFO members can access the most recent two years of our
publications on our website. The Board has decided to remove access
restrictions on OFO News and Ontario Birds for the duration of this crisis
so *all* birders can enjoy our publications and learn more about Ontario’s
birds. These publications are now available to everyone on our website at
ofo.ca. Please spread the word and enjoy.

I want to thank the people who made this possible, especially Ivor Williams
who spend many hours building the technology and Judie Shore who helped
greatly with the effort.

To access our publications, go to *ofo.ca <http://ofo.ca/>,* select the
Publications option from the menu, then the publication you want to read.
You will see the cover page of all back issues. Select the issue you are
interested in reading in your browser. Please note that the most recent two
years are in a Flipbook format, while older issues are in PDF format.

This is new technology and there may be glitches. Please let us know what
you think at *ofo at ofo.ca <ofo at ofo.ca>*.

*OFO Field Trips Cancellation*

Sadly, all OFO field trips up to and including May 18th are cancelled.
Martin and Kathy Parker are working to reschedule the Pelee Island trip to
a date in October.

The June 5/6 trip to the Bruce Peninsula is cancelled as well.

We are monitoring the situation closely and may need to cancel further
trips depending on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak.

*Birdathon Postponed*

The Birdathon to raise money for Birds Canada and OFO will take place in
the Fall. We will let you know more when the details are available.

*Hillman Marsh Shorebird Nights Cancelled*

Hillman Marsh Shorebird Nights are cancelled. OFO volunteers will not be
helping visitors identify shorebirds this year.

*Princeton Books Discount for OFO Members*

Finally, we have some good news for OFO members!

Princeton University Press is offering members of Ontario Field
Ornithologists a 30% discount on birding field guides, photographic guides,
reference works, and products (such as illustrated birding checklists,
calendars, and flash cards). To do some armchair shopping (and birding),
visit PUP's website at *https://press.princeton.edu/books?subjects[]=22671*
enter code *BIRD30*.

*We want to hear from you!*

Your feedback is important — please write to me at lynnef.to at gmail.com or
anyone else on the board to share your thoughts.

We are in this together.

Lynne Freeman

OFO President

Lynne Freeman
lynnef.to at gmail.com

"Be bold, be brave, be amazing...." Simon de Pury, Work of Art

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