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Lynne Freeman lynnef.to at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 18:48:57 EDT 2020

Hello Ontbirds Subscribers,

OFO is happy to announce the launch of our revamped Ontbirds email listserv
and new Birdnews listserv for sharing provincially rare bird sightings and
bird-related news with fellow birders across the province.

Both listservs are available free-of-charge and available to all who are
interested as a service to birders in Ontario. You do not need to be an OFO
member to subscribe.

*What has changed?*

Ontbirds has been split into two listservs: Ontbirds for rare bird
announcements and Birdnews for all other posts.  All Ontbirds subscribers
have been automatically subscribed to Birdnews. Users can opt out of one or
both listservs, or change one or both to daily digests in the setup pages
(see below for instructions).

*Ontbirds *is now reserved for provincially rare bird announcements (RBAs)
only, so birders across the province can quickly alert each other to the
presence of a rare bird worth travelling to see.

*Birdnews* is intended for less time-sensitive news and information –
basically everything other than RBAs which was previously published in
Ontbirds should now be published on Birdnews. This includes: location
reports, hawk watch summaries, CBC reports, first of year reports, and

*Ontbirds and Birdnews are open for use immediately!*

Before posting, we ask you to please review the updated posting guidelines
at http://www.ofo.ca/site/content/listserv-guidelines  on the OFO website
under Finding Birds.

To send Ontbirds alerts, email: birdalert at ontbirds.ca.

To post an announcement on Birdnews, email: birdnews at ontbirds.ca.

*COVID-19 Precautions*

Please abide by local and provincial COVID-19 regulations regarding
physical distancing and non-essential travel when you are birding.

*Meet the Ontbirds and Birdnews Moderators*

Mike Burrell and Carter Dorscht are taking over as moderators of the
listservs from Mark Cranford, who coordinated Ontbirds for close to 20
years! Thank you, Mark, for your amazing contribution!

To contact our new moderators, send an email to birdalert at ofo.ca or
birdnews at ofo.ca, respectively.

*Mike Burrell*

Mike's been a birder since he was a kid growing up outside of Waterloo.
He's passionate about community science projects like eBird and iNaturalist
and has many volunteer roles related to birds including coordinating eBird
review and Christmas Bird Count data quality in Ontario and serving as a
voting member and archivist on the Ontario Bird Records Committee. Mike and
his brother Ken recently authored the book Best Places to Bird in Ontario.
Mike works as a zoologist with the Ontario Natural Heritage Information
Centre (part of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) and is
based out of Peterborough.

*Carter Dorscht*

 Carter is an avid birder, living in Echo Bay, which is just outside of
Sault Ste. Marie. While always being interested in nature, he bit the
birding bug about five years ago and hasn't looked back. He is an eBird
Regional Reviewer for the Algoma District, coordinates local Christmas Bird
Counts, and participates in a variety of other community science
programs. Carter works for The Kensington Conservancy, a non-profit land
trust, where he manages ecologically sensitive lands for their protection
in perpetuity. He also leads guided birding tours throughout the Algoma
District on the side.

*Subscribing and Unsubscribing to the Listservs*

Users can subscribe to one or both listservs.

*Ontbirds:* To subscribe, unsubscribe or manage your Ontbirds preferences,
visit the Ontbirds setup page at
http://ontbirds.ca/mailman/listinfo/birdalert_ontbirds.ca. To subscribe to
Ontbirds, send an email to: *birdalert-request at ontbirds.ca*
<birdalert-request at ontbirds.ca> with *subscribe* in the subject line. To
unsubscribe, send an email to: *birdalert-request at ontbirds.ca*
<birdalert-request at ontbirds.ca> with *unsubscribe* in the subject line.

*Birdnews:* To subscribe, unsubscribe or manage your Birdnews preferences,
visit the Birdnews setup page  at
http://ontbirds.ca/mailman/listinfo/birdnews_ontbirds.ca. To subscribe to
Birdnews, send an email to: *birdnews-request at ontbirds.ca*
<birdnews-request at ontbirds.ca> with *subscribe* in the subject line. To
unsubscribe to Birdnews, send an email to: *birdnews-request at ontbirds.ca*
<birdnews-request at ontbirds.ca> with *unsubscribe* in the subject line.

*Other Ontario RBAs and News Sources*

OFO has also compiled a handy guide to all of Ontario’s publicly available
provincial and regional rare birds alert and bird news services, including
eBird, Discord, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups. This guide is available on
OFO’s website at ofo.ca in the Finding Birds section at

Good Birding,

Lynne Freeman

OFO President

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