[ONTBIRDS] Northern Wheatear in South Porcupine

Roxane Filion roxanefilion7 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 19 17:42:28 EDT 2020

The Northern Wheatear found yesterday evening at Porcupine Lake is continuing today in the same location (last reported around 4:30pm today- Saturday 19 Sept)

Location: White Waterfront Conservation Area at Porcupine Lake, South Porcupine (Northern Ontario)

Direction: South Porcupine is 10 km east of Timmins, 700km north of Toronto. The White Waterfront area is accessible at the end of Bloor avenue (free public parking). The bird seems to be staying around the area between the playground, the picnic shelter and the adjacent open land but sometimes will fly to nearby private yards.

I apologize for forgetting to post on this platform earlier.

If you require more details, don't hesitate to contact me.

Roxane Filion
South Porcupine
roxanefilion7 at hotmail.com
(705) 363-6568

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