Point Pelee
Thu, May 18, 2023 3:38 PM

A good diversity of Warblers and other songbirds remain in the park this morning. Chilly temperatures kept the birds down low.

The obvious highlight was an adult male WESTERN TANAGER spotted just north of the tip tram stop. At the tip Whimbrel, and an Iceland Gull were mixed in with a variety of other shorebirds and gulls.

At least 20 species of warbler were observed in the park, including many CAPE MAY, TENNESSEE and MAGNOLIA.

The very elusive YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT was spotted again on the West Beach trail south of North West Beach.

A SEDGE WREN and GRASSHOPPER SPARROW were seen near the Serengeti tree on the West Beach footpath.

Good Birding,

Alan Watson, Chris Earley, Dale Wenger, Dana Latour, Emma Burbidge, Eric Baldo, Gabriel Foley, Jean Iron, Justin Peter, Kyle Horner, Mike Burrell, Mike Kent, Pete Read, Stewart MacDonald, Tim Arthur, William Konze

The 2023 Festival of Birds runs May 1 - 22. For a detailed Schedule visit festivalofbirds.ca

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